General Information

Stainless Steel Club OUTLINE

Stainless Steel Club was founded on August 28. 1996 to promote the
development of the Korean stainless steel industry. The Club has its secretariat
within the Korea Iron and Steel Association which is a non-profit organization
and operates centering around sub-committees which are comprised of experts
from member companies.

The aims Stainless Steel Club?

The Club seeks to promote the development of the stainless steel industry by actively coping with the changes in the market environment by generating new demands for stainless steel products and expanding the use of these products. Furthermore, the Club aims to contribute to the development of the domestic industry through exchanges with inetrnational stainless steel organizations as well as foreign companies.

Who are it’s Members?

The Club Members are producers of stainless steel (intergrated mills, rerollers and secondary producers). Affiliated Members are stainless steel related domestic associations. S.S.C now comprises 58 member companies and 5 affiliated members, which jointly produced 1.54 million metric tons of final products in 2000, or 98 percent of the domestic total of 1.51 million tons.